Online food ordering is a trend that is showing no signs backing off. This sector represents 30% of the daily takeaway ordering, based on a COWEN research, and the number is still growing to date. Still uncertain in the event that you should jump on the bandwagon? Read on to discover how having your own online ordering system rakes in profits and learn how it can help you save your money.

Cost Savings: When contrasted with marketplaces, most web-based ordering systems do not charge transaction fees. Without these per-order cuts, you do not need to continue paying for repeat customers, subsequently taking into account a more manageable development for your restaurant in the long run. Moreover, you never need to waste staff-hours taking orders on calls and manually confirming them with your customers. Your clients will be able to order on your shopping cart, contemplating however long they want, without your staff waiting for their choice.

Once your client finishes up their order, it will trigger a notification on your application and with only a click of a button, you can send them an order confirmation email. You could even maintain a strategic distance from costly no-shows by making your customers pay online immediately as they order. To top it off, another cost-saving factor online ordering systems have is the freedom of delivery. Even so, you can limit conveyance cost by choosing to deliver nearby orders in-house.

In this way, saving money on the per-transaction delivery costs, particularly during off-peak hours when your restaurant can save a hand or two for delivery.

Profitability of Online Ordering Systems: Sometimes individuals long for specific foods and simply need them right here right now. What if your customer calls you to place an order while your restaurant is occupied by your dine-in crowd. Worry not, with an online ordering system, there will always be "somebody" virtually taking your orders. You can take more than one-fifth more orders even after your restaurant closes in light of the fact that your restaurant ordering system which runs day in and day out.

You will have the capacity to organize pickups and deliveries amid off-peak timings, and your customers can pre-collect their food and skip the long lines amid the lunch or dinner crowd. This way you can augment the capability of your restaurant by keeping yourself caught up during the no-longer-lull periods with orders gushing in from your online ordering system.

Avoid the Peak Hour Crowd: Lunch and dinner periods are known to be hectic for any restaurant. And for consumers, it’s next to impossible to get a table. An online ordering platform can help you and your customers beat the peak-hour crowd. With online ordering, your diners can either pick up their food or get it delivered during these peak periods without having to worry about getting a table in the restaurant.

​​​​​​All-in-One and Affordable Solution

Since we have shared the benefit and cost-saving features of online ordering systems, would you say you are quite persuaded to launch an online food ordering system? On the off chance that you are, we have some uplifting news for you! You can receive every one of the benefits with jiOrder online food ordering system.