The 21st century is the era of mobile solutions that increase the demand for Android and iOS mobile app development for the growth of business worldwide. The mobile app has buzzed the industry of every sector and in the list, the food sector does not trail behind. This enhances the need and demand for food order mobile apps like jiOrder.

jiOrder is a global online food ordering app that speeds up the process of restaurant and food industry growth. The jiOrder app places the restaurants near your location and makes it visible online. This increases the chance of gaining popularity and more business. Both Android and iOS users can use this app and can download it from the Play store and app store respectively.  With the app like jiOrder, one can order the food from their favorite restaurant and get it to deliver at their home.

There are many features that make jiOrder apart from others. This post will describe the top features that make the jiOrder app as one of the most popular food ordering apps.

Top Features of jiOrder

  • Appealing Presentation: In today's time everyone looks for a way that helps them in saving their time. jiOrder understands everyone needs and makes use of customer integration AI application. This makes the On-Demand Food Delivery App smart to produce an attractive list of products on the basis of users age, gender, location, time of the day etc and display it as soon as a user opens the app. The app has an integrated GPS feature that is helpful in accessing to locate the best-rated restaurant nearby. The menu list and the price of the respective dish along with their appealing images are displayed on the screen. Thus, a customer can easily choose their favorite dish peacefully.

  • Save Money: Another important reason that makes the app famous among the users is the offer of good bargains and promo codes that give the customer an opportunity to gain good discounts on the total cost of an order. Offering the best deals and discounts make jiOrder popular and one of the main reason for retaining and growing more customers.

  • Good Management: jiOrder has a good restaurant management tool that helps the restaurant in handling and managing bulk orders. It offers access to the app partners to access data and insights that help the customer to analyze the food quality and the delivery strategies. Thus, it helps the customer in getting their order as per scheduled thus offering them maximum satisfaction not only by offering fast delivery but also by providing them quality food. This management tool also lets the restaurant in knowing the area where they lack and in improving their services.

  • Scheduled Order: The best feature of jiOrder is its order scheduling facility. The jiOrder app helps in making easy and fast order and also has a provision for making an advance order. This offers the user peace of mind and preventing from facing end moment rush and confusion. Even one can save order details and can use it for making fast orders in the future. Thus it helps the restaurant in growing business and to offer a better user experience.

  • Easy Tracking Of Order: jiOrder, the food ordering app, develops and grows beyond perfection. The in-built feature of real-time GPS tracking helps people to track their order once the order is placed thus preventing them from facing unnecessary insecurity and unusual waiting. Also, it gives details of every single detail like food processing, delivery status etc.

  • Secure Payment Option: These days internet and cashless payment mode has added comfort to the life of people and so do they rely more on looking for safe and comfortable payment options for any order they made. Seeing this jiOrder has introduced and mastered in offering a safe and secure payment portal. The user can use different options for making payments. This add-on convenience and make the app more user-friendly.

  • No-Minimum order: Unlike many other food ordering apps, jiOrder does not charge delivery charges for making an order even on the least value. Thus there is no minimum order requirement to make an order using the app. So whether you are placing an order of Rs 50 or 500 you can place without worrying about delivery charges.


Thus it can be said that although there are many food ordering apps when it comes about jiOrder the app offers you the best experience to avail your favorite food at any time and anywhere. So order more and get more offers and discounts on your orders.