Traditionally, there were two different delivery models- food delivery aggregators and the delivery services with a logistics, but as the technology updates, restaurants started opting for the modernized way of doing their food business. Thus if you are running a restaurant business or thinking of setting up your food hub then introducing a food ordering app is important for progressing and taking your business to new heights.

An online food ordering service introduces another way of presenting your restaurant and to earn money from the sources beyond borders. Thus it helps in boosting your business and accelerate your growth.

But before getting into it, think of the ways and strategies that would help you in getting more partnerships. So invest some time in making plans that would help you in building your mobile app strategically.

Appealing Features You Must Have in Your Food Ordering App

A good and appealing app helps in maximizing your sales and ultimately in the growth of your restaurant business. Following are some of the major features that you must look for in your mobile app to make people love using it.

User-Friendly Dashboards: The customer loves to use the app that offers straightforward and user-friendly dashboards. you can make your dashboard attractive by adding flashing button or bright banner displayed on every page in order to advertise your ordering and delivery services. Incorporate tabs in the app that help the viewers in viewing things like daily specials, upcoming events and many more easily.

You can make your app more appealing by creating separate sections or pages for each meal category like appetizers, entrees, desserts etc. It reduces the complication of using the app and offer enriched user experience.

Integration With Social Media: Social media has become a huge platform for marketing and branding your services. A good social media integration help customer to share their opinion about your app and services. People also share the image of the dish they like and recommend top dishes of your restaurant to their friends. Thus it plays a major role in growing your business and in popularizing your restaurant globally.

Secured Payment Integration: The primary thing that the customer care about while using an online food ordering app is security in payment mode. Make sure that your food ordering app offers a safe and secure payment platform to the users.

Offering Loyalty, Discounts, and Rewards to The Users: Most of the customers like visiting your restaurant app when you offer great discounts and offers to them. So attract more customer by offering them a choice of rewards and loyalty programs. This help in branding your product and in retaining your potential customers.

Offer Modification: The online food ordering app allow the customer to view your full menu list patiently and to pick their favorite dishes easily. You can offer them great experience by adding a modification and in customizing your order. This increase in upselling and in receiving a high number of orders.

So add customize features that help customers in adding additional ingredients. You can add such options either under each menu or can make it one of the phases of the ordering process.

Follow-Ups: Do not limit your app just for placing orders. Once a customer is successful in placing an order make provision for sending automated emails to your customer mentioning confirmation of order placed. You can also email the estimated delivery time or can install a food tracker that prevents a customer from waiting unnecessarily. This will enhance customer experience and help in increasing your sales. Also, make sure that your app is able to receive and handle bulk food orders at the time of holidays.


There are many more features that you can introduce in your mobile app. Having an idea in your mind, discuss it with our team of jiOrder. We have a featured online platform that makes your restaurant visible to the public. Still having doubts? Contact us and popularize your restaurant business in no time.