Have you decided to invest in developing a restaurant mobile app? Then you must have started looking for a professional team of app developers who are proficient in doing the task efficiently. There are a number of skilled developers who can build apps quickly but do you think the task ends here? The answer is NO. Since you are investing a big amount on creating a mobile app therefore only developing an app does not limits the task here, rather it is also important to ensure that the app helps the restaurant to target their potential customers, increase brand awareness and helping the restaurant in achieving the ultimate target.

Before investing in a restaurant app it is good to look for the features that are able to put an appealing effect on the users. Also, a good visual impact of the app helps in grabbing more attention, increases customer loyalty and hence increases the chance of your business growth. Thus it is good to implement a few customized features into the food mobile app.

Top Features To Be Included In Restaurant Mobile App

  • Push Notifications: Since there are a number of food apps nowadays, it is difficult to grab the attention of potential customers easily even though you have incorporated your restaurant in a mobile app.  Push notification plays a marvelous role in doing so. Make sure that your app has powerful push messages or notification features that help users to know about the special offers, discounts, and other important updates about your services. But this is only helpful if you use the right and perfect marketing strategy that helps the customer in noticing your app.
  • Multiple Platforms (App Store, Google Play Store): The major target after developing an app is to bring your app in a notice. One can notice your app only if it is accessible on different platforms like App Store and Play Store. Making multiple entrances into your app make it visible to the users on different platforms thus increasing the chance of a wider audience.
  • Add Videos, Images, and Other Media: Videos, images and powerful content help in creating more customer engagement. It is therefore good to customize your menu list with images of food items. Also adding and updating your app with powerful and catchy content makes your app more lively and helps you in gaining more customer attention.
  • Loyalty, Rewards and Discount Programs: It has been found that most of the users use mobile apps to get discounts or to redeem loyalty points. This will help you in earning brand loyalty and creating brand awareness. Introducing this feature in your mobile app would attract more customers and an increasing number of transactions.
  • Chatbots: Adding chatbots to your existing mobile app makes your app stand out from the rest. A chatbot is a new technology trend that makes use of computer programs and AI. These programs mimic conversations with the user thus providing an answer to all the queries they are having.
  • Customer Feedback Portal: This portal helps the customer in adding the experience they have on using your restaurant services and also your mobile app. This will put a positive impression on customers' mind and also offer you the chance to improve in the area where you are lacking. 


So whether you are running a restaurant or looking forward towards a new venture in the area of food ordering app it is essential to consider the above features and to incorporate them in your app. This will help you in increasing your sale, customer loyalty, and retention. To make the whole task seamless you can rely on jiOrder. It helps you in making your restaurant process simple and easy that engages you with a large number of potential customers.