Can you quickly list up all the things a customer expects from your restaurant? It could be more convenient services, quick and reliable services, and most importantly the budget. Customers love to avail more services at the minimum price. Isn't it? So, while we keep these points in mind, we put all our efforts in delivering these services to our customers to make them happy. But along these efforts, we miss one of the most important things- Maintaining Customer's Security.

Introducing tools like the digital menu, digital bills, POS systems, digital signage in restaurants will result in maintaining more data and making the process complex. Also with the introduction of advanced tools and techniques in the food industry the risk of insecurity of data doubles. No doubt, these advanced solutions will improve your restaurant daily tasks, and enhance your customer's experience but alongside there are chances of major data attacks too.

Security concerns in the restaurant business

Being busy while delivering the best services to the customers we forget the fact of safeguarding the data of our restaurant and most importantly, the customer data. Delivering the superior dining experience to your customers while keeping security into your mind would be a perfect idea.

For this, we must know the major threats which are possible in our food business. If ignored, it might end up in a total fall down of your business and retention of a bad reputation of your brand name on a lifelong basis. So, without wasting any more time, let us get a quick overview of all the possible data threats which might harm your restaurant. The major concern while delivering the best customer experience is maintaining the security of their data.

  • Hackers: The hackers are expert at targeting your network and seek the right opportunity to enter the network. Their main target is the restaurants with poor security systems or the ones which are using POS systems for processing transactions. As the staff of your restaurant might ignore warnings of degraded performance or ransomware messages, these hackers get a chance to enter the network easily.

  • POS malware: Most of the times malware enters your network in the form of antivirus programs and further fetches your customer's data easily. And the shocking part is that none of you would be able to notice this activity. Thus it results in total loss of customer's data. The credit card details and all other personal details of your customers get compromised at this point, resulting in a potent risk to your food business.

  • Ransomware: What if you log in your PC and a frozen screen is displayed in front of you displaying a message of- You need to pay $1200 to access your files. You have no way out at this point and need to pay to get your data back. Isn't it? This is actually the ransomware attack which prevents you from viewing your data and you end up spending a lot of money in reverting back your own data.

  • Internal threats: Internal threats are the security attacks which are either carried out accidentally or intentionally by your staff members. And the sad part is that we simply don't have a solution to stop them from attempting this. However, you can monitor your staff activities with more focus on security measures.

  • Wi-Fi security: Securing your wifi networks is a must as it is an open invitation for the hackers. You can safeguard your data by implementing firewalls into your system. Moreover, try that the guests have a wifi network other than the one you uses to manage your restaurant tasks.

Looking for the best restaurant management system?

While you are aware with all these shortcomings which might interrupt your food business, you would have now got an idea that you must have an ideal restaurant management system which can tackle your daily restaurant tasks easily and over a safe platform. jiOrder is one such perfect solution which will offer you the best reliable and secure restaurant management solutions for your restaurant at the most affordable prices. Have any questions in your mind? Get in touch with us and we'll assist you instantly.