The online food market has skyrocketed just in a short passage of time. No doubt, ones who have set up a food delivery store are getting extreme profits with good exposure in the food market and have gained a good brand name in the market.

As per Statista reports, revenue in the online food delivery is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 9.1%, resulting in a market volume of US$11,569m by 2023.

But there are equal chances to face losses if you are missing out something during the startup stage of your food business. Every new day, a new person enters the market with good investment, but there are few who are able to resist in the market for the longer period. If they resist, they surely experience a huge customer’s crowd, with huge gains.

Mistakes while developing a food ordering app

If you are facing losses or your customers seem unhappy from your restaurant services, it could be that you are missing out something major while developing your online food ordering app. So, it's important that you get to know the mistakes which you must avoid while you develop your food ordering app.

  • Not having a customized restaurant app: Gone are the days that people placed orders over the phone. To order food from the comfort of home, it is necessary to have a customized food ordering app from where the customers can place easy orders. Not having a food ordering app is not at all going to benefit your restaurant business.
  • Not utilizing social media: As we all have become a social addict these days, we prefer to search for the best food points from our social media accounts itself. Isn't it? So, you must take advantage of social media platforms to advertise and share your food services, exciting offers & deals, discounts, and other new food items.
  • Performance issues: If you have an app which is slow to load, be prepared to lose the customers. No matter you have appealing and attractive features in your app, if you have a slow loading speed, you stand nowhere in the race. You must focus on improving your app performance in order to receive better customer experience.
  • Ignoring customer reviews: Whether negative or positive, you need to appreciate all the reviews made by the customers and respond to every single review. This helps in presenting a better view of your services that yes, you value your customers and their opinion.
  • Security aspects: Whenever a customer places an order over your app, he/she enters his account details and other credentials too. Getting the user details hacked or exposed will not only put the customer in trouble but can ruin your business forever. So, you need to maintain security aspects over your app and keep the customer data safe.
  • Choosing the wrong vendor: No doubt, looking for a vendor which fits within your budget is necessary, but don't make a wrong choice of choosing price over quality. It could be that the vendor is unable to satisfy all your restaurant requirements, or it doesn't provide secure services at all. So, you need to choose a well-reputed vendor for your food business.

jiOrder: The perfect food ordering platform

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