In the ever-changing restaurant business trends, we daily deal with new customers and encounter new experiences. Isn't it? And attracting new customers daily is a plus point for us. But is it correct to entertain new customers at the cost of losing the older ones? This is the point where we go wrong. Capturing new customers while losing earlier ones is a deadly mistake which industry makers commit these days.

Once you feel that a customer seems loyal to your restaurant and has become a regular visitor, just don’t take him for granted as a permanent customer. Instead, this is the moment where the struggle and smart work begins for you. Obviously, everyone would love to capture a huge customer base at their restaurant.

Hacks to retain your customers

After all, there is stiff competition in the food industry and customers have thousands of options while choosing an eating point. At this instance, it becomes necessary that you offer something attractive and unique to attain the customers. So, it's time that you know the hacks to capture the new customers while retaining the older ones. Here is a list of top hacks which will help you turn your one-time customers into loyal ones and retain the existing customers too.

#1: Easy food ordering platform

 Easier will be ordering food on the customer's end, more customers will get back to you. Make your app easy and quick to use where food items, payments, deals & offers, and other things are easy to search. Don't complicate the things, make it simple to order food.

#2: Share regular deals and offers

 Every customer expects more services at a lesser price. In fact, the reason why people prefer online food is- they get a good discount while ordering food online. So, make sure that you offer regular deals to your customers. Also update your offers regularly so that the customers don't get bored.

#3: Take feedback and make your customers feel special

 Taking customers feedback is a technique which comes up with double-sided benefits for you. It will help in getting reviews from your customers about what they feel about your services. You get a clear idea where all you need to improve your food services, and it even makes the customers feel special that you value their opinion.

#4: Add seasonal food items to attract your customers

 Presenting the new seasonal food items on your menu displays a refreshing view of your restaurant services and directly helps in attracting customers. If the customers get to see new items on your menu, they would definitely love to visit again at your restaurant.

#5: Offer easy payments and order tracking

 Offering an easy payment platform where customers can make the payments quickly and even save their account details over the app is the direct way to attain your customers. Moreover, offering easy and updated order tracking is a further add-on to retain your customers.

How jiOrder can assist you!

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