Confused about whether you should introduce online food ordering app to your restaurant business or continue with the traditional way? Are you unsure whether investing in a food ordering app would be a worthy investment or a total waste of money? If you have any such questions in your mind, then simply have a look at below statistics.

  • Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$7,011m in 2018.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2023) of 10.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$11,569m by 2023.

Why online food ordering app?

The above stats are sufficient to represent that how rapidly people are switching to online food ordering system over offline food. As the lives are becoming busier, nobody has enough time to travel miles to a restaurant and have their meal. Rather all of us prefer to order our favorite food online and have it right at our home. Isn't it? Online food ordering has simply transformed the way of the dining experience and the eating habits too.

Features an ideal food ordering app must have

Before you plan out to get a food ordering app for your food business, it becomes essential that you are aware of the necessary features which an ideal food ordering app must have. So, here is a list of top features an ideal food ordering must have, go through them and then plan out to get an app for your restaurant business.

  • Easy food ordering: Having an online food ordering system lets you stay out of the queue and wait for hours for your order, rather you can anytime place an order and get it at your doorstep within the expected delivery time.
  • Quick mobile payments:  Instead of waiting to pay the bill manually and then waiting for the waiter to come up with a receipt and the left cash amount, online food ordering app lets you make quick online payments where several payment methods are included.
  • Loyalty, rewards and discounts programs: The top reason that why people choose food ordering app is that it gives you numerous discounts, and loyalty points too. Which means you can order your favorite food at a lower price and save a good amount in return.
  • Multiple platforms: As there are a huge number of people who are searching for an app over their smartphone, it becomes necessary that the app is accessible over multiple platforms including app store and Google Play. More people are able to access your app, more will be your customer engagement.
  • Table management: Whether you have a small restaurant or a popular one in the city, managing tables is not at all easy for your staff. Isn't it? It is quite difficult for the staff to check the availability of vacant tables and serve the customers accordingly. The online system has a table reservation system where it becomes easy for the staff to manage tables.
  • Staff management: To check the staff efficiency and also keep a check if the employees aren't over or underemployed, you need an automated system which keeps an accurate track of all this on a regular basis. Food ordering app assists you in doing this and keeps a regular check on your staff.
  • Kitchen management: To maintain proper coordination between the staff and the chefs, it becomes necessary to implement a food ordering app which makes the communication accurate and smooth amongst the staff. Forwarding orders directly to the kitchen area let you stay away from the mistakes and unhappy customers.
  • Social media integration: To attract customers and turn them into permanent ones, it becomes necessary that you share your recent activities, latest discounts, and other deals over the social media platforms.
  • Customer feedback portal: To know about how your customers feel about your services and food quality, it is necessary that you get their feedback regularly. This even makes them feel special and give you an idea about where all you need to improve your restaurant services.


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