Each and every business owner needs to keep their customers happy. Since a happy customer is a loyal customer who will keep coming back to you again and again. What's more, chances are they will also prescribe your business to other people. That is the definition for customer satisfaction. And, in this busy time, we are all living in, there is a high consumer demand to place food orders online.

According to Business Insider, by 2020 mobile ordering will be a $38 billion industry and will account for almost 11% of all quick-service restaurant sales.

Embracing Pre-Order Feature to Increase Restaurant Sales

People choose to pre-order food online to save time. With all roads leading to customer satisfaction, it comes as no surprise as for why tech-savvy customers are presently dictating the success of a modern restaurant right from its initiation. With that being said, here is how restaurants have adapted to this mobile ordering trend. Customers are now enticed to pre-order lunch from a certain restaurant as they will have the ability to go in and out of the restaurant much quicker, in this manner saving a lot of time.

So if you have your own restaurant or coffee shop, then the best thing you can do to enhance consumer satisfaction is to have an online food ordering system with the "Order Ahead" feature.

Benefits of Pre-Order Food for Clients

Doing this will definitely enable you to attract a loyal fanbase of technically knowledgeable customers who will love to pre-order food directly from their own phones. They can utilize the application to order ahead food for pickup, skipping the queue.

Benefits of Pre-Order Food for Restaurant Owners

Empowering the food pre-order feature saves you a considerable measure of hassle in the logistical department as it allows to anticipate the upcoming orders. Pre-order feature also gives your staff an a lot of time to:

  • better organize themselves
  • be more efficient and productive
  • cook your clients' desired meal in a timely manner

All these combined will enable you to deliver an outstanding service that will help you to skyrocket your customer satisfaction. Plus, reducing the long waiting time to just a few minutes, you will be also ready to serve more customers in a day's work. Using something as simple as the "Order Ahead" feature can have a powerful, and positive ripple effect on your whole business as it will give you a competitive edge over the others. 

The present tech-savvy people choose convenience over anything else and will always want to pre-order lunch or dinner for an enhanced eating out experience. Also, having an online food ordering system for restaurants resides in the fact that it will make a positive brand image for your business. Our restaurant ordering system is extremely easy to use to increase your online orders. Get in touch with us to get it installed.