Worried about the falling customers at your restaurant? May it be the food point in your locality or a major food delivery player like Zomato, or UberEats, every food business undergoes some challenges at a certain point in their business. It could be slower services, wrong billings, or even falling sales. Agree? However, due to certain advancements in the technology trends, online food ordering business has experienced quite a good transformation now.

What the future holds for the online food industry?

As the newer trends are introduced in the industry every day, it becomes necessary for you to stay updated with those trends. If you fail to do that, be prepared to lag behind the competition in the food industry. Staying updated is the only key to attract customers and turn them into loyal customers. So, with this rapid race, do you want to know about what future holds for the online food industry?

We have figured out the most expected transformations in the online food industry. Have a closer look and get ready for the future.

Introducing new delivery channels

As the customer demands are rising day after day, industry makers demand an easier online ordering system where ordering becomes simple and quick to carry out. Simply because if your food ordering system is not efficient, they would abandon using it and might not turn back to you. So, to make it easy for the customer's orders can be placed through social media, virtual assistants, or even smartwatches.

  • Orders via virtual assistant: Ordering via a virtual assistant? Yes, you got it right! Customers can message the bot and request food with an emoji or even a single word. Not only this, the bot will even respond to the customer inquiries regarding the recent deals or vouchers.
  • Order with a smartwatch: In the recent time, as people are showing more interest in smartwatches, so the food ordering platforms will get integrated with the smartwatches too. Which means that the users will be able to order food from their smartwatches too.
  • Order with a smart TV: With the advancement in technology, people will now be able to order food while resting on the bed or even sitting on the couch. Ordering your favorite food will now be done from your TV's too. You can further customize your food, make repeated orders, view offers & deals, and a lot more.
  • Order by Tweet: Ordering by tweet? Exactly. You can now place an order simply by tweeting a pizza emoji to the vendor's Twitter account. This will simply save a huge time and letting the customers experience the whole new level of ordering food online.
  • Order from your car: Food ordering becomes more viable while making orders possible even while driving. Yes, you will now be able to place an order while you drive. It will detect the customer's voice and place the order accordingly, so the customer can even focus on driving without getting distracted while placing the order.
  • Order with your eyes: Order with your eyes? What does that even mean? Seems strange. Isn't it? Orders will be placed depending on the menu items where your eyes focus more or pause at. Depending on the eye-tracking technology, orders will be placed automatically for you.

Modern delivery options

As the lives get busier, customers expect quicker deliveries and simply hate delays. And during the peak hours, it becomes difficult for the restaurant owners to deliver the services almost instantly. So, to make delivery quicker, the evolution in technology has made a smarter step towards it.

  • Delivery with robots: The rise of artificial intelligence has led to making deliveries with robots and self-driving cars. The robots will have a camera, GPS signal for proper navigation, and will make the right and quick delivery while saving your staff time.
  • Delivery with drones: Delivering food via drones will be the most efficient way to save time and deliver food without getting stuck in the traffic. The drone delivery system will save your time while making customers happy with the quick deliveries.
  • Delivery with a parachute: Not only delivering food on time, but parachute delivery will also excite the food while the customers receive their orders from the parachute landing right on their mentioned location.

Staying ahead in advance!

With such an evolution in the food industry, the customer's demands will obviously multiply. So, it becomes necessary for your restaurant to stay updated with the latest trends and try implementing them at the earliest. If you want to streamline your online food ordering business, you can try jiOrder. It lets you stay ahead of the competitors by offering a unique set of services at the most affordable prices. Still not convinced? Simply get in touch with us!