What's the first thing you do when you unlock your phone? Simply scroll down your Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat account. Right? May it be a high school student or a professional man who works 9-5, everyone is socially active. Then why don't you take advantage out of it? In simple words, if people are so involved and active over social media, then why not take advantage out of this? Not getting my point? Let's dig a bit deeper!

As per Statista reports, the number of monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018 had reached 1 billion monthly active users, up from 800 million in September 2017.

How social media can affect your restaurant

Being into the restaurant industry, you can directly benefit out of social media and fetch out maximum benefit out of it. You simply can't ignore this opportunity because being into the food business, you would be very well aware of the rising customer demands and how difficult is it to satisfy the customers in today's world. Agree? So, it's high time that you rely on social media and fetch out the maximum benefit to enhance customer experience and uplift your restaurant sales quickly!

Prominent benefits of social media marketing

  • Sharing of images: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest: Uploading and sharing the mouthwatering pictures of your dishes is the most powerful thing which will attract the customer right away. Customers get easily attracted by the images you share. Not only the food, but you can also even share the restaurant decor over your restaurant social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Running campaigns and contests: Engaging your customers to stick to your restaurant can be done by conducting some interesting contests, polls, quizzes, or even surveys. You can share and conduct these campaigns over social media and announce surprise offers or deals for your customers too.
  • Geo-targeted ads: While you are sharing posts and ads, you can simply geo-target them that allows the customers to view the ad who are near that particularly defined location. This location-specific feature is available for both, facebook and snapchat too. Thereby resulting in optmimized sales of your restaurant.
  • Facebook Marketing: Facebook is the perfect place where people of all age groups gather to interact with each other. You can get the best benefits out of it by sharing all your food updates, newly added dishes, either on your cover image which compiles a brief overview of your food items.
  • Blogging: Sharing blogs, articles, and posts of your restaurant, including the quality of food, menu items which you have newly added, the technology you are using for your restaurant operations, and other things can be shared over your website and social media account to gain the attention of the customers.
  • Having Google Plus presence: Sharing your restaurant updates over Google Plus is the most powerful weapon to attract customer attention as compared to other methods. This lets you appear on Google search engine result pages.
  • Respond to the customer reviews: Remember, uploading and sharing is just not ends your job here. It is necessary to keep in touch with your customers, respond to their queries, feedbacks, and reviews. Thank them for sharing their views, this will make them feel special and they'll stay for a longer period with your restaurant. 

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