Can you think of the latest transformations which excited you this year and were simply a WOW for you? Yes, definitely we have a long list. Isn't it? May it be industrial evolution or healthcare industry, the world is rapidly heading towards an automated and a more smarter world. Agree? Then how could the food industry lag behind! The food industry has equally benefitted from the digital transformation by taking food orders totally over the online platform.

As per Statista reports, Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$7,011m in 2018 and is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2023) of 10.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$11,569m by 2023.

Latest trends in the food business

This year brought about many new things in the food industry, some completely new trends, while some gave a twist to the old ones. This led to better customer experience and a more convenient processing of restaurant operations. And by now, you would be wondering that what will the year 2019 bring in front of you. Isn't it? So, let us a get a quick view of all the latest trends which have entered the online food industry recently.

  • Mobile payments: Customers prefer to carry out everything on their smartphones, then may it be their food preferences, ordering food, or even making the payments, they expect everything on their smartphone quickly. This directly indicates more sales of your restaurant and happy customers. So, restaurants will add the option of digital wallets to enhance customer dining experience.
  • Cloud Kitchens: Because of the rising operational costs in restaurants, the restaurant margins fell. To cover up this loss, cloud kitchens have come up which head towards online ordering and a cashless economy. This will enhance your customer experience while making food business more interesting for you.
  • QSR segment: QSR business faced a sudden downfall in the previous time which led to the entry of new players in the food industry. These new players in the food business have thereafter shaped the restaurant trends and a growth for the QSR players in the food industry as well.
  • Drone delivery: As the food industry is experiencing a healthy transformation, restaurant influencers are looking forward to drone delivery technology. Implementing drone delivery will let you save time and deliver food to the customers.
  • Social media influence: We don't realize, but social media has totally influenced our lives while we make choices and decisions. Users can now order food directly from Facebook pages and get the food right at their place. Seems interesting. Isn't it? As food orders will become easy and quick, people will prefer online ordering.
  • Menu Labeling: The technique of menu labeling is a direct way to make your customers stick to your restaurant. Adding menu labeling to your restaurant lets the customer get aware about the quality of the food they consume i.e. the nutritional facts of the food you are serving them.
  • Artificial intelligence: Introducing artificial intelligence in restaurant management would be one of the perfect ideas. Artificial intelligence will make major tasks easy including shelf management, customer service, image-based procurement, smart support, and assist in better customer engagement.
  • Food Festivals: Conducting food festivals would be great to increase sales and make people aware of your restaurant services. You can share the upcoming deals, offers, and activities at your restaurant and this will be helpful in attracting a huge audience towards your restaurant.

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