Whenever you unlock your phone, what’s the first thing you do? Open your facebook, snapchat, or other social media account, and what else? Especially the youngsters have nothing else to look up for in their phones. Isn’t it? Regardless of the age factor, every human has an account on either of the social media websites.

As per a survey reported by statista, as of the third quarter of 2017, users of the mobile photo messaging app were sending over 3.5 billion snaps each day, up from 2.5 billion daily snaps in the third quarter of 2016.

Moreover, it was also found that snapchat has approximately 191 million daily active users worldwide which are just enough to prove the effectiveness of social media on the whole universe.

Influence of social media on your restaurant

From the above analysis, you can well imagine the reach of social media websites all over the world. And if the same platform is implemented for your restaurant’s marketing strategy, how fast will your brand name will popularize worldwide. Now the point is how can you implement this into your online food ordering app and what will be its key benefits for your restaurant’s sales. Right? So, here are a few highlights to acknowledge you about how you can engage with social media to optimize your sales and brand name!

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the perfect place where people of all age groups gather to interact with each other. You can get the best benefits out of it by sharing all your food updates, newly added dishes, either on your cover image which compiles a brief overview of your food items. Or upload posts of special dishes on a regular basis for gaining customer attention.

Snapchat Marketing

The best feature of snapchat is uploading a snap which automatically disappears after 24 hours. You can get the best benefits by uploading the special dishes and limited offers via snaps to retain the customer's interest.

You can get your customers images while they have the meal at your restaurant and share them on snapchat for promotions and reviews. In return, you can give away special discounts to these customers for future services which will force them to make a visit again.

Apart from this, you can add the snaps and videos of your chefs preparing food and how they serve it. People just love to know the scenes behind the stage! No doubt, this would excite your customers to visit your restaurant.

Geo target

While you share posts and ads, you can geo-target them which will allow the people to view the ad who are near that particularly defined location. This location-specific feature is available for both, facebook and snapchat too. This would directly help in optimizing sales.

Are you guys ready to get it done for your restaurant? It's a worthy enough idea to implement it at the earliest and see the kitchens busy as never before. Look up for a perfect food ordering app and experience the best!