Out of the huge crowd, there are people who live to eat, while others are just eating for their survival. And the good news is for the ones who are living to enhance their taste buds with a new trial every day. A platform which offers you a new dish every time made freshly with the best quality ingredients and a superior taste. Getting your favorite foodstuff right at your doorstep is no less than a surprise.

So far, around $360 million has been already invested in the online food ordering platform. There would be certainly something special and interesting that market makers are investing so much in this industry. What’s the point of taking out time from the already hectic schedule and end up at a place just to have an ordinary meal? Spend on something that you deserve and the one which offers you the best and maximum services in a short duration of time. “jiOrder” turns up to be one such competitor in the food market which has recently revolutionized the whole industry. In which all aspects it overcomes other competitors in the industry are presented below.

No more hassle

May it be your breakfast time or the peak hour of lunch and dinner, we offer you immediate services. Having a specialized framework designed in such a way which is never seen busy or showing a warning- the server is busy or website has an issue while loading. Every single customer is attended with fastest services and with minimum delivery timings. Taste proves the quality itself.

24/7 reliable services

May it be day, night, storm or heavy rain, no issues. Unlike a traditional restaurant, we offer you services that are ready to serve you 24/7. No more need to look at the clock and get ready for getting the food. Just a click on your phone or tablet gets the food at your place safely instead of standing in long queues for hours.

Easy Payments

Making payments only through the defined criteria of the restaurant is actually frustrating. Some have the cash, while others have a card. Removing the chaos, jiOrder offers you a wide payment platform allowing you to make payments from any method- either credit cards, debit card, or via cash. Moreover, order as much as you wish to because no minimum order limits are set under jiOrder.


We offer you the perfect services keeping in mind the framework that well suits your budget. Have a look at the attractive menu items along with the prices. Have a look and feel the cost-effective services by yourself. Thereby, removing the costs of your fuel spent on making a trip to the restaurant, paying for the place and other taxes.

Nobody loves regulations and restrictions after all. Enhance your taste buds at the earliest with jiOrder and feel the difference yourself.

Spend on a thing that’s worth of!!