By the year 2020, revenue in the Food delivery sector is expected to cross 16.7% annual growth rate. Exactly. The online food market has skyrocketed just in a short passage of time. No doubt, ones who have set up a food delivery store are getting extreme profits with a good exposure in the food market and have gained a name too. But there is an equal probability of falling down during the startup stage of your business. Every new day, a new trader enters the market with good investment, but there are few who are able to resist in the market for the longer period. If they resist, they surely experience a huge customer’s crowd, with huge gains.

If you are planning to invest in this sector, it is necessary to examine the shortcomings and the mistakes committed by people.

Missing and inaccurate information

Creating your “Contact us” page is generally not the one customers expect. Do assure if the information provided on that page is correct, relevant, complete and updated. If not, the first step is to spare time for this and update it asap. Do verify the provided contact numbers, email ids are working or not. This is the first and the most crucial step for customers to reach your online ordering app. Make a simple and attractive page, not a confusing one which frustrates the customer.

Fast delivery services

A direct weapon to increase and maintain your customers is delivering the food within the expected time. Make a good availability of delivery boys during the peak hours of the day like lunch time and dinners. Gaining profits is a good thing, but take the orders depending on the available staff only. Just because the person who ordered food on an online app would certainly be unwilling to wait for the delivery.

Technology partner

In order to manage your budget and save money, never opt for a wrong technology partner. They may not be able to fulfill the requirements you have, thereby resulting in a poor customer base. A wrong choice made can simply destroy the whole planning and leave you in trouble. Think thrice and make a good analysis before you choose your technology partner.

Updated Menu

Don't forget menu is your asset, you need to maintain it properly. Things which generally people skip is updating their menu. As new items add to your list, and obviously some are removed too. Make sure you update those items on your menu at the earliest because customers hate to hear that an item isn’t available anymore.

Quality food

If you are planning to maintain a permanent customer base and not a one time visitors, make sure the quality of the food you are offering is the best one. Just making attractive websites, portals and delivery services won't benefit until you provide a quality stuff. Take your time and choose a well-experienced staff for cooking.

There are many such existing online food ordering apps which serves the best keeping all the points in mind and are a must try.

Stay cautious and smart!!